Posted by: nextbigadventure | December 4, 2013

Aventura en los Andes!

Here’s the next Adventure – a month of cycling in the Andes along the Carretera Austral from Chile to Argentina and then further south to Patagonia.

I’ve got a flight into Puerto Montt and out of El Calafate around a month later. There’s a hotel room booked for the one night I’ll be in Puerto Montt and a ferry the next day.

The ferry drops me deep in the Andes at a small town, and next to a large volcano, both called Chaiten. Cycling south from Chaiten will be remote with large stretches of uninhabited mountains connecting the few tiny villages along the way. There’s isn’t really much to plan for that part of the trip. I have the right gear (well, lets see!) and will need to make sure I stock up on enough food so I can cover those distances.

The rough idea is to end up at El Calafate in Argentina. What happens from there depends on how much time I have left before my flight home. I could either hike the full circuit of Torres del Paine or push on to the bottom of the continent – ‘fin del mundo, principio de todo,’ Ushuaia! Or both.

Whatever happens, there will be updates here whenever I find an internet connection. Watch this space.



  1. Good luck! I look forward to the updates

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