Posted by: nextbigadventure | June 2, 2010


We crossed the Orange River and entered South Africa a few kilometers from our last rest day of the tour. The final six days would take us through the Namaqualand, past towns that feature more in ‘van der merwe’ jokes than on holiday itineraries, past fishing villages on the West Coast and finally to the waterfront in Cape Town.

The first five days were very cold with loads of rain and long distances. On a very windy fifth day we rolled in Yzerfontein, about 90km from Cape Town and the last campsite before arriving at the Waterfront. Many of us had friends and family come out and join us for the last riding day from Yzerfontein. On 15 May the weather finally cleared up and we had great weather as we came into Bloubergstrand for our lunch stop and a photo shoot. From there, a 40km convoy through Cape Town to a very busy Waterfront.

All of a sudden it was over. Hours later, when we gathered for the awards dinner, everyone looked clean and civilized again. Haircuts, clean-shaven faces and new clothes masked what earlier that day had been a group of cyclists that had spent 4 months together. After one last assault (on Long Street this time, not mountain passes or deserts) we started going our separate ways back to wherever in the world we once belonged, taking unforgettable memories, external hard drives full of photos and a day called Dinder that will always remind us of the group of once crossed Africa.



  1. Wow Jethro!

    Congrats on making it to Cape Town. Incredible achievement! I have to comment on that photograph with Zane and Mol. When I look at that guy on the right side of of the photograph (guy in green), it’s almost as if I see a bit of myself in him. Totally weird, I know. But it really struck me!

    Chat soon.

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