Posted by: nextbigadventure | March 26, 2010

Seven days of MTB

I won the last section! The section from Nairobi to Iringa started off with 2 days of hilly road riding; after winning both of these and looking forward to a 7 day stretch off-road with no rest days, I decided to go for a section win.

The off-road stages were tough (some up to 120km), but I felt strong everyday and the scenery and cycling were awesome, so I kept doing well. After a couple more stage wins and staying consistently in the top 4 each day I found myself over and hour ahead of 2nd place going into the last day. Day 7 of the section was a 20km uphill time trial (it was also raining.) Although tired from racing the previous days, and only needing to complete the TT to take the section win,  I went out climbing as fast as my lactic acid-marinaded legs would allow, and enjoyed every second of the muddy 20km!

15km after securing the stage win, I found my parents and aunt cycling out   to meet me! They entered the next section (Iringa to Lilongwe) and got in a couple days early. After rolling into Iringa yesterday afternoon we hit the champagne and red wine hard! Today is a rest day and tomorrow we head out towards Malawi.

Thanks for all the comments on the blog! I’ll put up some more pics up soon (my camera hit the road at 41km/hr and got cycled over; I’ll have to hijack some pics)



  1. Well done, Jethro! So glad your folks found you in darkest Africa. Now your mommy can start feeding you up.

    Keep it up and enjoy Malawi.

    from Sam and Marijke

  2. Glad to know you’re back on track. Congrats on the win. Lucky you to have parents and aunt ride with you. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the tour.

  3. Hi Jethro.

    It has been wonderful following your progress. I was actually recently in your home country recently- I took part in the Argus cycle tour. It was incredible, a bit windy, but nonetheless incredible. I love your country! Can’t wait to do some mountain biking with you after Le Tour.

    Take care and love to your parents from me.


  4. Way to go, congratulations!
    Tansania looks beautiful, I am very jealous. Back home, eating five eggs for lunch just doesn’t have so much appeal anymore…
    Have fun on the second half (and EFI)

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