Posted by: nextbigadventure | February 4, 2010

The one where we get to Khartoum

Leaving Dongola behind, we aimed our bicycles towards the capital, Khartoum. The road took us away from the Nile for sometime, which meant much hotter days, with fewer towns and almost nothing but sand and rock (occcassionaly there was a dead camal.) A good tailwind most of the time helped crunch a couple of 140+ km days into around 4 hours of riding! We arrived in Khartoum yesterday, with a fun 20km time trial to start yesterday’s stage. Today we rest, before setting off for one of the longest streches without a rest day – 7 days.

I feel that I’m finally getting used to the distances and the amount of effort required each day, and both body and bike are (after almost 2000km) now working like they should and feeling great. I can’t eat the massive amounts of food I was destroying during the first week of the trip, and and the cycling is becoming easier. However, the mountains and dirt roads of Ethiopia are waiting, so the party is just getting started.



  1. Just amazine thinking about what you are doing. Seems like Michelle is also having her own adventure of a different kind. Having met your Mom and Dad I think you are a familiy of adventurers 🙂 enjoy every moment
    happy peddling hugs from Irene Cape Town

  2. and I just read that you are in 10th place, page 8 of today reads
    The 10 Southafrican competing in the race have fared well so far, with George’s Jethro de decker currently in 10th place.

    well seeing there are 61 cyclists that is so darn good. I am so proud of him. Funny ebnough I check his blog last night but there was not much news on it.

    it does that the going is going to get tougher

    good luck and just do it.

  3. lol, your speedometer is skew!

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