Posted by: nextbigadventure | January 24, 2010

To the end of Egypt!

Just a quick update from a slow internet café in the Egyptian border town of Aswan. It’s been 2 days ride since Luxor and about 230km – stages 7 and 8 – of really scenic and easy cycling down the Nile valley. Last night we camped on a soccer field in Idfu and tonight is our last one in Egypt. Tomorrow we cycle 17km to the ferry that takes us (overnight) to Wadi Halfa in Sudan. Looking forward to the ferry ride, and more sand and wind on the other side!



  1. Hey Jethro well done so farrrrrr! keep it up, u’re doin us proud.

  2. Enjoy Sudan!!! We’re having more snow this side.

  3. Wow Jethro you doing great, however I am not surprised you doing so well, I know you to have a determined nature in all things starting with the speed in which you qualified as an Actuary. I wonder if any other Actuaries have done this?

    Go well and I seemed to have managed to get this working now. so a go well message from Irene in Cape Town

  4. we are proud parentals, keep those legs peddling!
    i am off to barclelona today so all the best see you in two months


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